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a lovesong

Nothing Special
17 April
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adrien brody, algernon montcrieff, alternative music, androgynous people, angela carter, art, barenaked ladies, before i break, boy meets boy, bright eyes, cabaret, cary brothers, casablanca, certamen, charles baudelaire, cora and clarice, cross-dressing emcees, ddr, death of the endless, delirium of the endless, donnie darko, dorothy parker, drawing, dresden dolls, edward scissorhands, eheu, elizabeth bennet, escape velocity nova, eve 6, fairy tales, fantasy, flay, french, fuchsia, fuschia, garden state, ghost world, good omens, gormenghast, hacky-sacking, harry potter, him, his dark materials, ipods, iron and wine, jack off jill, jane austen, joel grey, john steinbeck, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, junior classical league, lacuna coil, latin, lemony snickett, lenore, literary criticism, liza minelli, lucifer, manic panic hairdye, mazikeen, memoirs of a geisha, modest mouse, mr. darcy, nanny slagg, natalie portman, neil gaiman, neverwhere, njcl, oscar wilde, painting, peter saarsgard, philip k. dick, pirates of the carribean, placebo, podheads, pride and prejudice, prunesquallor, quentin tarantino, questionable content, rasputina, reading, remy zero, rent, rideau, robin jarvis, rock climbing, rose walker, rupert everett, sally bowles, short stories, shrek, simon and garfunkel, steerpike, steve buscemi, stream of conciousness, swelter, t.s. eliot, terry prachett, the arcade fire, the bloody chamber, the dresden dolls, the edge chronicles, the magic toyshop, the sandman, the shins, titus alone, titus groan, traveling, tu the zeng, valkyrie, voodoo dolls, white oleander, wilco, women in drag, writing, zach braff,