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Posted on 2007.02.11 at 09:13
And how should I presume?: geekygeeky
So the clock tells me it's 9:13, yet I'm typing this in total darkness. There are no windows in the EMT bunkroom (we're in the basement of the Stata Center, the only place with a loading dock/big enough for us to permanently park the ambulance and store supplies. I've just finished my first overnight shift. Technically I should have gone off shift at 8, but as Malley said (at about 4:30 last night) "fuck no I'm not waking up at eight to pick up some third." So he and David are sleeping until 11 and then I guess we're going to Sunny's Diner, I'm not really sure. I should be sleeping too, but it's hot in here and my braids hurt and to be perfectly frank, my brain just isn't letting me sleep anymore. Which is stupid since I went to bed at all of 5:45/6. I was lying in my bunk earlier just saying "control to 286, control to 286" over and over again, which is what they say when they hail us for a call. It takes a certain mindset to want to be an EMT, as much of our time is spent sitting in the bunkroom (or Random Hall, as we - appropriately - randomly ended up at last night. Brian's friend, co-EMT, and fellow scheduling officer lives there, and I guess they had work to do) praying for people to get hurt. It's callous and unfair, true.

Despite my many "Hail Ambulances," we haven't had a call since about 3:45 or so last night. We got two calls last night, which foolish me thought was typical but in combination with my five calls on my last shift (2 weeks ago) it's enough to get me branded a "shit magnet" by almost everyone in the service. Slocum, Peterson and Malley have all requested to work a multitude of shifts with me, Slocum going so far as to ask me to be his EMT-wife, something which made Brian snicker derisively. Overall, I liked this shift. The action was pretty standard/boring, but I got on well with the CC/2nd rider, and they let me do a lot more than I had previously. I drove the ambulance back from Mt. Auburn after the first transport, and actually drove P1 (full lights and sirens) to the next call. That was fun. Malley says I'm still tentative behind the wheel, but what does he expect - it's only my first day driving! I also took blood pressure, which was more than I had done previously. Technically, as an uncertified third, I'm not supposed to be touching the patient (but it's ok for me to get vomited on - which luckily I didn't), but there are very few ways in which you could kill a patient with a bp cuff. I suppose you could wrap it round their neck and inflate it over their carotid, but it doesn't seem worth it, and I'm not that stupid.

In general, a good night. =)

Happy Christmases!

Posted on 2006.12.26 at 01:02
And how should I presume?: contentcontent
Mmmm Christmas sure is nice. I've been done with finals since last Thursday, thank God, and home since Friday evening. Thursday evening was spent largely recuperating en masse with a bunch of the floor freshmen - Nora, Andrew, Greg, and two of the innumerable Mikes (really, there are like, six.) Although I'd watched movies with Neil all afternoon, he passed up dinner in favor of plans at his frat. Silly frat boys. Dinner and conversation were had at John Harvard's in the Square (not my favorite venue, but the only one we could come to a consensus about), while Greg tried his hardest to remind us that we were in a restaurant, and thus the "Your mom" and "That's what she said" jokes that seem to be a floor fad were best kept to a minimum. The others headed home after dinner and Greg and I wandered around the Yard, climbing on John Harvard and taking horrific pictures of ourselves mounting him in various compromising positions. The evening was rounded out with Boondock Saints and some much needed sleep.

Friday was a day of shopping, which was nice, but expensive and led to a momentary hate for the holidays that a quick phone call to Ari managed to disperse. Then, home to my own bed, which hardly feels like mine anymore. It's amazing how a habit of eight years (sleeping on a futon) can be so easily broken by only a few months at college. I am adjusting back, though, and reveling in the fact that my bed does not magically push itself away from the wall every night. I also love the fact that my house, unlike my dorm, seems to contain right angles (not for lack of trying on the part of Burton-Conner, however.

Saturday and Sunday were largely taken up with Christmas party and its aftermath, which indeed met or exceeded expectations. With the exception of lhaw_en_endel and lime_disconnect, everyone I could have wanted to be there was, and there was food, conversation, Apples to Apples, gifts, a bizarre Hong Kong movie (Infernal Affairs, apparently the model for the Departed) and a sleepover. I fell asleep in Ari's arms, and although that lasted all of about 10 minutes (I am not very good with the whole "sharing sleeping space" thing) the night was all that I could have wished. Sunday was leftovers, more hanging out (Pride and Prejudice the new version was watched - it was concluded that Mr. Darcy is "quelle babe") and driving people home. It was dinner and conversation with my family and thus segued perfectly into today.

Half-Jewish or no, I have always loved Christmas. Not just the presents (which were nice, but slightly less inspiring this year than in years past) but the general air of bonhomie which presides over everything. My sister was up at the crack of dawn, naturally, but she allowed me to sleep in until nine, for possibly the first time ever. Then came unwrapping. My parents seemed genuinely pleased with the presents I got them, and I was pleased in turn - the usual complement of literary fiction (this year taking the form of Zadie Smith's On Beauty) from my mother supplemented by a China Mieville book that I actually wanted but did not have, several more Japanese DVDs from my dad, including Azumi, which I heard recommended somewhere although I cannot for the life of me remember where. This year, the "haul" was made up largely of things that my parents had procured in India - a quilt, several articles of clothing, and my personal favorite of the lot, a sari that looks not unlike the one Parminder Nagra wears at the end of Bend It Like Beckham. My sister also got me a book entitled "1000 Tattoos" which my mum and I actually bonded over: there is something intrinsically bizarre and funny about a guy who would get bacon and eggs tatttoed on his head.

This evening, we had Chinese takeout (celebrating the other half of my heritage) and watched Return of the King, extended edition. It was great - my dad knew everything about everyone, given his status as a barely repressed D&D old-school style geek; my mum sighed over Legolas's "effortless chic"; we all made a few dumb jokes and agreed that Aragorn looked better unshowered. I've decided that I have a soft spot for the Rohirrim: they're my kind of rough-and-ready heroes. They do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and provided they survive the night, it's back home to quaff. Good guys, even if Eomer does have a funny moustache.

It's good to be home.

Posted on 2006.12.18 at 19:13
Current Location: My bed, Burton-Conner, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, The world
And how should I presume?: groggygroggy
Human Voices: The sounds of silence. Literally.
Memo to the professors of 18.02, 7.03, 21L.011 and 5.112:

About that whole finals thing. I have a little proposition for you.... I'll pretend to study, and you pretend to grade me. And then everyone's happy. Provided, of course, that you give me an A.


Bah humbug finals! Well, I'm not really studying for 21L.011 because let's face it. It's.... well, it's basically a final about movies. What do you study? Not so much. I suppose I'll go over some stuff later? Maybe? Unlikely. Right now I'm "concentrating" (heavily in quotes) on studying for 5.112. But there's all this stuff that's not on our equations sheet for the final. Does that mean we won't have any questions on Radial Probability Distribution calculations (oh please, pleeeease let that be so) or does it mean that we - oh dear god, no - have to remember the equations?? ARGH.

The floor is completely dead. No one stirs from their room and the bowels of hell we're all entrenched in. When I looked in on Le, though, she was watching Grey's Anatomy. You go, girl. One test tomorrow, one Wednesday, TWO Thursday, and then I'm done. Christmas can't come soon enough.

PS Any of you crazy Boston Area kids (you know, the Usual Crowd) are welcome to come to my Christmas party this Saturday evening... please come, it'll be a jolly time! If you respond in the comments I'll reply with more details.

Back to pretending to study now.

I'm back. You may all faint now.

Posted on 2006.12.14 at 01:31
Current Location: My bed, Burton-Conner, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, The world
And how should I presume?: contentCompletely Zen
Human Voices: Last Place// Broken Social Scene
So here I am. It's been almost exactly a year since I felt like putting my fingers to the keyboard and writing anything besides papers and p-sets, as I concentrated as hard as I could on finishing high school and starting college (there may have been a summer squeezed in there, but it feels so far away already.) I'm not writing now because I feel nostalgic for high school, and let's face it, there is something about livejournal that just feels so high school... it's just that I have time to breathe, and things seem to be going okay enough that I want to spend that breathing time writing. I know that some people use writing/music/baton-twirling/talent/hobby as an outlet for stress, or a way to calm themselves down. HA. If I try and do that, I'll inevitably come back to what I wrote a week or so later and ask myself "What was I on?" What was I on? So writing is reserved for the quiet times, the happy times. And this is a happy time.

MIT is crazy-stressful. I'll make no bones about that. The people who kept telling me that highschool would be harder than college were clearly smoking crack or something. I mean, really. It's hard, but I've been lucky enough to find people who are smart and willing to help me with p-sets (Nora, Greg, Spike, Emzo), people who are smart and willing to play devil's advocate when it's clear the last thing I need to do is study (Andrew, Evan, Clare), people who are awesome, even if we have no classes in common and they're graduating and going off to cushy jobs that pay $120,000 a year... (Mike, and pretty much everyone in the 23 suite) people who might not be so smart but who are ten kinds of awesome and make my life a lot more interesting, even if they are twenty five and totally shouldn't even still be here (Simon.) So I'm thankful for that. I'm grateful for a lot of stuff, and even though it isn't Thanksgiving anymore, you get to hear why I'm happy.

Classes are over, finals are looming, but who cares? For the next day or so, I don't have to worry about anything. After the 21st, I'm completely done until February, except for my IAP class, which is EMT training and as such, the most kick-ass thing on the planet. I could be drinking or studying now, but a little reflection never did anyone any harm. Tomorrow is the holiday party, for which I will be making delicious cornbread stuffing, and getting my Christmas present from my Secret Santa (who already gave me really pretty shoelaces!) and giving my (somewhat less inspired) present to my 'person', who, I might add, I don't even KNOW. There are four people on our floor who never come out of their rooms. She's one of them. Go figure. Still. Having no work... make me happy.

[Feel free to skip this passage if my piercings/hair is not interesting to you] Being eighteen and away from home has either been a really good thing or a really bad thing. It's certainly made me feel a lot more free, which has lead to a new ear piercing (making four in one ear, and one in the other), bottom holes stretched to 14g (with a planned size of about 8-6g.... Buddha ears, as Greg calls them), and a lip ring. Lisa and I may pierce our noses for her birthday. I think it would be pretty rad, myself. Ari thinks I look like a snowboarder with the lipring and the hat I've been wearing pretty much 24-7 (it's because my hair's gross, shh don't tell anyone.) I've also been dying my hair a lot more. It was the red that Lisa dyed it in England, which faded out to a pretty bizarre pink, then purple, which washed out really quickly, and now it's a dark purpley-red brown. Which is prettier than it sounds and a color I'm pretty happy with. Especially with my brand-new emo bangs. And who knows... a tattoo is in the works as well. Gosh, Anneke, you're turning into a hipster weirdo/ crunchy hippie (Ari knows all about my peculiar hour-long fascination with Burning Man)! I know... sigh. Doing what I like to/with myself... makes me happy.

Even though I'm making new friends at MIT, I can still keep in touch with my BLS-folks. I've seen tons of imbrillim and meretricula, for which I'm really happy (although in all fairness, you two, I feel like I should point out that since I got my new cellphone, I don't have either of your numbers... send them to me, ok?) I've even started seeing Daniella and swirlycurlzz more, which is doubly good, because I felt like I'd never see them again at the beginning of the year. In fact, I ran into Lisa totally randomly today when we both went to BLS again. We had girltalk. It was nice. Most recently in development, cette_vie is back from UChicago! I think she will agree with me when I point out that the two of us can, on occasion, drive each other nearly to distraction. But now that I don't see her every day, the only side of Connie I can remember is the good one, so it's great having her back. We also had girltalk. It was also nice. Speaking of not seeing people everyday... I should of course mention Ari, who has been instrumental in keeping me sane this semester. We both agree that if we were at the same school, we'd probably hate each other by now, but as it is... he's basically the sweetest thing ever and I will beat anyone who disagrees with me. Friends and a boyfriend... make me happy.

My parents are India until Saturday, and I've been seeing my sister every Friday. I think it may be the Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder theorem, but I really have loved seeing her these past few years. Now that she's matured a bit, she's fun to talk to, completely hilarious, and an incredibly snazzy dresser (which I pretty much point out to anyone who will stand still long enough.) She's a "real person," finally, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather be related to. My parents, too, have been morphed by the (psychological, not physical) distance into people I am consistently happy to hear from. There is none of the tension over school and grades that there used to be, and we can just enjoy each others' company. My mom is even open to me talking about my planned tattoos and such. Going home is something I want to do now, and I can't wait to decorate the house on Saturday and welcome them home. Family... makes me happy.

So, in sum total, I am a damn happy girl. Comment, and make me even happier! Happyhappyhappyhappyhappy. I love the world! ::I am a total tool::

Posted on 2005.05.16 at 20:59
And how should I presume?: chipperchipper

I totally update!!!

nyah nyah

I <3 you.

Posted on 2005.04.05 at 22:16
And how should I presume?: depresseddepressed
Human Voices: Love And Mathematics - Broken Social Scene
I realize I will make myself few friends with this post, and I will probably lose many. Nevertheless.

Dear Disgruntled Students of BLS:

AP Waiver notices were released today. I don't have complete statistics, only what other people have told me. From what I understand, though, out of many who applied for the waiver, only 11 incoming seniors were actually granted it. I don't know why this is. I suspect the administration is looking to further its own ends, to some extent, and I am sure that grades were not the only deciding factor.

I was granted a waiver. I am not particularly ecstatic about this: it is simply something that happened. Let's be clear, here. I am taking four APs and two honors courses this year, took an AP and an honors course last year, and two honor courses the year before that. Because of the Latin (my second honors class in 9th grade, and consequently my AP in 10th) my course has obviously been somewhat accelerated. My grades in these classes, though good, have not been stellar. etiolation was quite right in pointing out that I receive consistently lower grades that she does, with the exception perhaps of English. She is also correct in expressing her disbelief that someone like me, a good-but-not-especially outstanding student, should receive a waiver, when she and others like swirlycurlzz andcette_vie were denied them. For the record, I am one of those people who "have received lower than B+s and still got the waiver." My grades in French this year were B-, B-, B. This is not because I am bad at French, but because Mrs. Valentin categorically sucks. Nevertheless, they are not good grades. Last year, although I finished the year with all As, I had Bs and B+s scattered throughout my report card. So, clearly, I am not at the top of my class, to the extent which others like etiolation are.

I feel terribly that those who were denied their waivers were denied: to my mind, the choice was arbitrary and greatly unfair. I understand completely that you are desperately upset and angry. I understand that some of this anger is probably directed towards those, like me, who did not 'deserve' to receive a 4-AP waiver. And maybe that anger is justified. However, that doesn't negate the fact that you are all making me feel horrible. Not sympathy horrible: legitimately, 'you-are-the-enemy' horrible. It is not my fault that I got the waiver. It is not because I am a suck up or a GPA whore or a cheater. It is certainly not, as was insinuated at Argo because my mother has some sort of magical pull at the school. If there is any reason I got it, it is because I went through the courses I intended to take next year and carefully, point by point, detailed why it was necessary for me to take these courses. I don't know if that was enough to give me the waiver: maybe it was. I don't want to speculate on reasons.

What I do want to do, however, is tell you that, while I feel terrible for what happened, while I feel it is unfair and that something must be done, I do not want to be made to feel guilty for wanting to succeed. And everytime you talk around me, and mutter about those with B+s or Bs, remember that yes, I'm here, and yes, I'm 'one of them.' It is entirely within your rights to be angry: I would be, in your place. But nothing is gained by complaining vociferously to the metaphorical empty room.

The Girl With Four APs Who Is Not A GPA Whore

Proof positive that my dad and I deserve each other:

I go downstairs this morning to grab clean clothes, and meet my dad in the kitchen. Following ensues.

Me: *totally spastic, sees citrus Altoids, pounces* Ooh, I love these!
Dad: Yeah, me too *significant look*
Me: *Takes one.*
Dad: You know, I really like my Altoids...
Me: *eats, oblivious*
Dad: You, my dear, are a pathological parasite.
Me: *chewing* Nah... it's totally a symbiotic relationship.
Dad: Well, you know what, I don't think I'm lichen it too much.
Me: You'll get over it. You can be a bit stiff, but deep down you're a fun-gi. *claps dad blithely on back, strolls upstairs*

Wow... bio geeks of the world untie!

Posted on 2005.03.22 at 21:37
SubliminationCollapse )

Posted on 2004.12.25 at 11:57
And how should I presume?: ecstaticecstatic
Human Voices: Perfect Memory – Remy Zero
Happy Christmukkanzaadan, one and all!

I am very happy, for, half-Jew girl that I am, I have recieved all the presents and have NONE OF THE RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION!!! tpppbt, bleah, Baby Jesus.

So, am warm and happy in the bosom of my family for I have recieved: Alt/Emo music up the wazoo from Daddy, as well as Ed Wood and Ju-on. Rad pride laces for my converse (which I unfortunately did not get new ones of) from younger parasite; also, a magnet and Rocky Horror Picture show poster Assorted works of literature by H.P. Lovecraft and David Sedaris Assorted clothes type things from mum, $30 H&M gift certificate And, the creme de la creme, A just-my-size (read: mini) iPod!!!

I am so psyched and loving my parents now.

This does not count what my awesome and rad friends got me.
Hot skirt thing from etiolation; portfolio from domovoi_13; teh cool pens from cette_vie; Good Kitty t-shirt from the_card_floozy; Camelot poster from oh_sarah28; earrings from Daniella; and Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from swirlycurlzz.
You are all the bestest friends anyone could milk for presents! I wish to maul you all!
I have also been rereading all of Questionable Content, thus accounting for my usage of the word "rad" and lack of contractions. So, Happy Christmas to qcjeph also, for he is the mostest rad comic person.
I loves all of you. Everybody is rad. =P
And the hair, she is getting cut this week for definite. Last calls for suggestions, anyone?

I surrender to your strawberry ice cream.

Posted on 2004.07.02 at 21:05
And how should I presume?: tiredtired, but happy (pretty much)
Human Voices: Accidentally in love-Counting Crows-Shrek 2
Wacky Rational Destructive LeaderCollapse )
That seems right.
The weather lately has been screwed up. Was down by the waterfront with domovoi_13 yesterday, and it definitely seemed about to thunder. Then, by the time I got home, it was sunny again. Really sunny. And hot. But then, around 2 am, it starts to thunder like mad. And then we got the weird thunder-and-sun thing today... very strange.
The days have been pretty boring. My job still hasn't started, so I'm mostly at home. I do however, have lovely art supplies from the Art Store. I lobes you, alliensis. I especially lobe my new Layout Bond, which is like tracing paper but not and takes marker and pencil really well. And I finally have fancy markers. Not Prismacolor, which is a dream from which I may never wake, but Tria, which have 3(!) tips, making them absolutely teh bomb. So, pictures for nationals: Pencil: Diana and Actaeon; Black Pen: Niobe; Pastel: the death of Adonis; Colored Pencil: Persephone and the Pomegranate; Colored Pen: Iris and Dido; Watercolor: Glaucus and Scylla; Oil/Acrylic: Medusa. Photos, I'm still not sure. I have some of the Diana at the Met that I took in February, but the quality isn't great. I might snap some of Bill&Dale's stautary at their wedding next week.
Speaking of which, I get to read a Shakespeare sonnet for them! Well, not really read, 'cause its one of the ones I know by heart (thanks in part to Sense & Sensibility). Sonnet CXVICollapse )
You have to admire the sentiment, even if the actuality is much different. I love how their entire service is written in Old English, too.
On a complete and utter tangent, my room is a mess. I really, really need to just clean it tomorrow.

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